Please download and print the Leadership History Survey, fill out the questions to the best of your ability.
Once complete move on to the “what can it mean” lesson to glean a better understanding of what your responses can tell you about you.


All of us have a leadership style or approach, and whether that was intentionally developed or organically grew up we all have way that we lead. The influence of our parents/care givers, first boss, best boss and worst boss all had and have an impact.

We would suggest that before we can move forward and improve ourselves as leaders, we should take a moment to figure out how we got to this point…”we call it looking back to move forward”. By looking at our past influences good and bad we can gain keen insight on how we became the person we are today, and take the steps needed to leave behind that which does not serve us well and embrace the best of our past to move closer to our full potential.

Lets look back to move forward, through the Leadership History Survey!

Understanding Your Leadership Style

Welcome to Understanding Your Leadership Style! Please download and print the handout below and proceed to the next lesson to begin the course.