What is a Rover?

As a Rover, your primary objective is to assist customers by providing them the LUCID experience and helping team members.

One way we assist customers is utilizing our card system. All products are displayed with the following:

  • Product information
  • Size and Price
  • Potency
  • Strain Information

The products are set up and organized in alphabetical order by type of product and price point.

The daily duties of a Rover are:

  • Assist customers with product knowledge,
  • Give tours,
  • Assist team members with daily duties

In addition, if there is a line at the CSO counter and only one station is open, you should engage customers by keeping them in conversation while they wait and pull any product for CSO. When pulling a product for the next customer in line, you should always:

  • Check ID,
  • Take product request,
  • Place in bin with ID,
  • Move to the next customer in line.

Some of your end of shift Rover duties include putting away all cards in correct areas, check card placements, assist RIP with cleaning tasks and ask Lead for other task to complete.

Make sure all customer remove their hats (all the way off), sunglasses, and masks.