Role & Responsibilities – ROV

As a ROVER it’s your primary objective to provide the Lucid Experience by Assisting Customers and helping your fellow team members.

To be successful at ROV you should know the layout of the following:

Product Cards Layout:

  • Product Information
  • Size and Price
  • Potency
  • Strain Information

Display Set-Up / Organization:

  • Type of Product
  • Price Point
  • Alphabetical Order

Daily Duties:

  • Assisting Customers with Product Knowledge
  • Giving Tours to First Time Customers
  • Assisting Team Members with Their Daily Duties

Often lines will form at the CSO counter when only one station is open to assist be sure to keep the customers who are waiting engaged and don’t be afraid to pull product for the CSO.

When pulling product for a CSO make sure to follow the SOPs:

  1. Check customer’s ID
  2. Take product request
  3. Place in a bin with the customer’s ID
  4. Move to the next customer in line

End of Shift Duties:

  • Put away all product cards in the correct areas
  • Check card placements
  • Assist RIP with Cleaning Tasks
  • Ask lead if any other tasks need to be completed

Customers are always required to remove their hats (all the way off), sunglasses, and masks.


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